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Newdicks Beach Kayak Fishing Report

Written by Tim on September 13th, 2015.      0 comments

Newdicks Beach is one of my favourite kayak fishing locations in the Bay of Plenty. It's sheltered, amazingly beautiful, and has some amazing fishing. Located at the end of the Maketu Peninsula, it's an easy 30 minute drive from Tauranga, but it does require access down a private road so a small fee is required. Details...

Getting there:
  • Drive to the end of Town Point Road at Maketu.
  • There is a gate at this point and you will need to pay a few dollars to go down to the beach. Please do this as the owners use this small fee to help maintain the track.
  • Follow the farm track all the way to the beach (suitable for all vehicles)      
Newdicks Beach kayak fishing spot

  • This beach is extremely sheltered and good for kayakers of all ability levels. 
  • 4WD vehicles can drive down onto the beach for gearing up
  • The only time you should not launch here is during a strong northerly or easterly swell (not very common in the BOP)
Kayak fishing from Newdicks Beach

  • Fishing in this area can start as soon as you're on the water - there is normally kahawai around the rocks so troll a small lure or softbait. 
  • There is a large reef that extends out from the end of Town point toward Motiti Island. This goes for many kilometres and snapper will be found hiding around all of the reef structure.
  • Use your fish finder to locate the large boulders and reefy areas.
  • A strong current can occur in this area so I prefer to anchor the kayak and run a burley trail to attract the snapper.
  • My preference is for water 10-20m deep.
  • Use a two hook strayline rig, with 4/0 hooks, and whole pilchards as bait if targeting snapper.
  • Out in the deeper water (20-30m) there are many rocks that hold tarakihi. These are often marked with cray pot buoys. Use a ledger rig to target this species.        
BOP Kayak Fishing Spots IMG 2659-863-704 


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quote Now I've stopped running I wanted to drop you a line to say a massive thank you for your incredible guiding services to get us across the Cook Strait. You put faith in us, with a lot of unknowns, and it was so cool how we pulled it off. It adds such a special twist to what I've achieved, and I think it will be very difficult to re-create.
It's been a very special adventure and we're so grateful for your contribution towards it.
Best wishes,
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