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Product Review - Shimano 8000D bait runner combo

Written by Tim on January 14th, 2016.      0 comments

Initial Impressions...
This is a cool looking combo. It's relatively lightweight and and has a compact feeling about it. The 6'10" rod is a good length for kayak fishing and I really like how the butt is a bit shorter, making it a better fit for us in the yak. I chose to load it up with 30lb braid as this would give sensitivity, performance, and versatility. Obviously this increases the price a little, but I believe it makes for a more versatile combo as I could happily throw around lures as well as baits.
shimano 8000D

It performed as you might expect for a new combo. It was smooth, easy to use, and just did it's job...nothing more and nothing less. About the only real criticism I have is that the minimum bait runner drag is a little high. This means that the line doesn't 'tick' off the reel as easily as I would have liked. From a kayakers perspective, the rod is a good length as it's not too long and cumbersome, yet it has a good full action allowing 'hurt' to be put on the fish using the whole length.

For $269 you can't really go wrong with this combo. It's nothing fancy, but it doesn't try to be. I give it a 9/10 

Reel Specs...
Reel: Shimano 8000D
Max Drag: 9kg
Line Capacity: 270m of 40lb braid
Weight: 615gr
Bearings: 3x A-RB 

Rod Specs...
Rod: Shimano Vortex 6-10kg
Length: 6'10" (2.08m)
Action: medium-fast

Combo Price $269.99 from Top Catch

Tim's Note: I am not sponsored by Shimano or Top Catch. This just my impressions of a product that I brought. 


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