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A day jigging at Schooner Rocks

Written by Tim on December 29th, 2013.      0 comments

On the water at 4.30am, I powered out to sea. Trolling a variety of lures on the way, the only action I had was a pod of dolphins that decided to enjoy the ride for a few minutes...extremely rare in this area! I arrived at Schooner at 6.45am and was extremely happy with the time, averaging 8.5km/hr which is fast for a fishing yak. 

After a quick scout with the fish finder, I started dropping jigs. The second drop resulted in my first fish, an undersize kingfish that gave a spirited battle. This was the beginning of 4 hours of fun! In total I hooked 10 fish over the next 4 hours, boating 5 of them. The best fight came from a 10kg specimen, which took me to the cleaners a few times but ultimately stayed on and ended up in my fish bin. 

By 11am I was buggered. Mechanical jigging and casting poppers takes a huge amount of energy and I still had to paddle back home. By the time I got back to shore I was wrecked. A total of 40km for the day and some great results. Check out the video...



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quote Now I've stopped running I wanted to drop you a line to say a massive thank you for your incredible guiding services to get us across the Cook Strait. You put faith in us, with a lot of unknowns, and it was so cool how we pulled it off. It adds such a special twist to what I've achieved, and I think it will be very difficult to re-create.
It's been a very special adventure and we're so grateful for your contribution towards it.
Best wishes,
Jez Bragg. 
North Face ultra-marathon runner.
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