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Tim's World Record Attempt Update

Written by Tim Taylor on March 30th, 2015.      2 comments

Record that I’m targeting: Greatest distance in 24 hours by canoe (kayak) - ocean (male)
Current Record: 194.1km set by Randy Fine of the USA in 1986
Distance I hope to achieve: 220km
Start point: Omaha Beach (north of Auckland)
Finish point: Mount Maunganui
Kayak that I’ll be using: Think EVO 11 surf ski
Clothing I’ll be wearing: Sharkskin Performance pants and top, Kayakers hat, and Rapid Dry socks
Paddle that I’ll be using: Millennium Pleiades wing paddle
Life Jacket: Day Two Adventure Racer PFD
Navigation: Lowrance Elite 4 HDI chartplotter
Lights: a selection of navigational and directional lights for nighttime
Food that I’ll be eating: I’ll be keeping it simple and safe – muesli bars, nuts and raisins, sausage rolls and mini pies. I just need lots of calories in ready to eat sizes.
Drink: I use R-Line electrolyte in my camel backs.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How do you go toilet?
A. If it’s a wee then I just go as it washes out. If it’s a poo ill just hold on.
Q. If you get to the Mount before 24 hours, what will you do?
A. I’ll just carry on. I wont be stopping until 24 hours is up.
Q. Do you have anyone looking after you?
A. Yes, I have a big support boat following me the whole way. It is their job to make sure I stay safe and also record the whole journey so I have the evidence to present to Guinness.

Q. Can I paddle with you?
A. Of course! The only condition that I have is that I wont be holding back for anyone so you need to look after yourself.

Q. When will you decide to go?
A. After Easter weekend we will be on weather watch. When we see the exact conditions forecasted we will be making a call to head up to Omaha. It takes a day to drive my support boat up there.

Q. What happens at night?
A. I continue paddling. To gain the record I need to maintain a fairly consistent speed so I wont be stopping except to get more food and water.
Think Evo 11 Surf ski sponsored by Fergs Kayaks Auckland
Pleiades wing paddle by Mellennium Paddles.
Support boat by Seatrek LTD
Sharkskin clothing by Sharkskin
Adventure Racer PFD by DayTwo
Elite 4 HDI Chartplotter by Lowrance
Personal Training by Beyond PT
Neo Jell Cushion by Cubro Rehab

Sweet, well I hope this helps you understand a bit about what I’ll be doing. If you’re interested in being involved please feel free to get in contact with me at any time. I’ll be keeping you all posted as to when I head off.
Paddle Hard. Tim. 


Bryant says ...
hey tim, sending you lots of good luck mate!! when is this awesome world record attempt happening? (exact date) Cheers!
Tim says ...
Hey Bryant,

cheers for the support mate. I don't have an exact date for this record attempt as its weather dependant. Right now I'm on standby so if it looks good i'll be going. Keep an eye on this blog or on my 24 Hour Facebook page.


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It's been a very special adventure and we're so grateful for your contribution towards it.
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